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Los Angeles Women’s Music Festival Newsletter - Vol. 1 Issue 1 - March 8, 2008

Los Angeles Women's Music Festival
Newsletter - Vol. 1 Issue 1 - March 8, 2008

March 8 is International Women's Day
March is National Women's History Month
The theme of National Women's History Month for the year 2008 is Visionary Female Artists


Greetings Visionary Artists and Friends!

A huge and belated thank you to all of the artists, volunteers, sponsors, speakers, fans and friends who participated in the first annual Los Angeles Women's Music Festival, and a warm welcome to those just joining us. You are all probably wondering what has happened in the months since the festival and what is going to happen next, so let me fill you in:

Some news from the producers:

As you probably know, the first Los Angeles Women's Music Festival was produced by Gayle Day, S. Miria Jo, Gilli Moon, and Toni Koch.

Toni Koch, after a stellar year as Executive Assistant to the president/general manager of KABC/KLOS, has struck out on her own with TK Promotions. Congratulations, Toni!

Gilli Moon continues to run Warrior Girl Music and Songsalive!, and is currently producing the third in the widely acclaimed Females on Fire CD compilation series. Many Females on Fire artists performed at the festival, from which we took our first year's theme. We look forward to hearing the new CD!

Gayle Day is finishing a new album, taking care of 5 dogs, working on LaLa Music and The Day/Lee Show and... is expecting her first child in April! Congratulations Gayle!

(And me - Miria? I'm finally releasing my first album, "Under the Surface" this month. Thanks to all who bought the pre-release CD at the fest!)

Mona Holmes of SheJay and Louise Capone of Adventure Arts Entertainment, who participated last year as featured partners of the festival will be joining Gayle Day and S. Miria Jo on the board of directors of LAWMF as we move forward as an incorporated non-profit.

To answer the question you have all been asking,
will there be a festival in 2008?

After miraculously pulling together a huge festival in just 6 months in 2007 (65 bands on 5 stages! An industry tent! A children's area! A healing arts area! Food! Vendors! Pet adoptions! More!) ...the producers have realized that we need more lead time to pull together the kind of funding from sponsors that will be needed to establish LAWMF as an annual festival. So... the next Los Angeles Women's Music Festival will be in 2009. We will keep you posted about related activities and events and hope to see you all many times before then.

What's next?

We are hard at work right now, building a brand new website and editing festival footage to upload to YouTube so you can see highlights of last year's festival. We'll let you know the second it's done! There's more as well, but we'll save that for the next newsletter.

How to get involved

We'd love to hear from you! Volunteers are always welcome, even now in the months before the festival. People with phone, graphic, web, and writing skills are especially needed now.

We'd also love to hear from you if you have photos, video, or stories to share from last year's fest. Suggestions also always welcome!

Thanks again!

Meanwhile, Happy International Women's Day and National Women's History month... hug a visionary female artist today! And again - thank you all for your incredible contributions towards making this dream a reality. Los Angeles needs a women's music festival and we are committed to building a community around that vision. We couldn't have done without each and every one of you.

Walk in Beauty,


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